Breakfast and Snack Menu
Weeks 1 and 3
  Breakfast - 8:45 Snack - 3:30
Monday Cereal and Milk                    Graham Crackers and Juice
Tuesday Bagel and Cream Cheese       Goldfish and Juice
Wednesday Apple Sauce and Cracks     Animal cookies and Juice  
Thursday Cereal and Milk                    Cheese Crackers and Juice  
Friday Waffles and Milk                    Yogurt and Crackers  w/water 
Weeks 2 and 4
  Breakfast - 8:45 Snack - 3:30
Monday Cereal Banana and Milk                            Ritz Crackers and Juice           
Tuesday Waffles and Milk                          Cheese Crackers and Juice        
Wednesday Muffins and Milk         Animal Crackers and Rinses w/ water  
Thursday Cereal and Milk                    Graham Crackers and Apples  
Friday Yogurt and Crackers                  Goldfish and Juice                       
Lunch Menu
Weeks 1 and 3
Monday Quesadilla with soup carrots apples and milk
Tuesday PeanutButter & Jelly, with cheese, celery, graps, and milk
Wednesday Macaroni w/cheese, cucumbers, apples, and milk
Thursday Ham sandwich, corn, grapes and milk
Friday Pizza, salad w/dressing, orange, and milk
Weeks 2 and 4
Monday Pasta w/meatball, cucumbers, apples, and milk
Tuesday Hot Dogs w/bun, carrots, grapes and milk
Wednesday Chicken, rice w/vegetables, oranges, and milk
Thursday Peanut butter & Jelly, with cheese, celery, apples, and milk
Friday Cheese sandwich with soup, carrots, grapes, and milk
Milk Serving - 3/4 cup
Bread Serving - 1/2 slice, 1/2 cereal
Fruit/Vegetables - 1/2 cup, 100% juice